Welcome to the online home of the Asha Music Project,
or AMP!

This is the home for premier music training and production
in West London, bringing together music and culture
from all over the world.

Music Production

AMP can help you bring your music to the world.

Our music recording and production services
can empower musicians, bands and songwriters
to share their gifts globally.

AMP School of Rock

Bring people together through music.

The AMP School of Rock is a group
of ensembles designed to raise up and
connect young musicians.



Take your music up to another level through our training resources. School of Rock ensembles, group classes and private lessons available.


Music Production

From songwriter demos to full-scale band projects, AMP can provide the recording facilities and global distribution to get your music out to the world.



Use our online contact form to connect with AMP with any questions you might have about our services and programs.


The purpose of the ASHA Music Project (AMP) is to provide personal growth opportunities and cross-cultural connectivity for the community through individual and group music education, recording and distribution resources.